3D Experiments – 3D Billboard

3D Billboard that Simulates AR Effect

Our studio crafted a 3D billboard that seamlessly integrated into the real world, achieving an augmented reality (AR) effect. This was accomplished through the utilization of advanced techniques like image-based lighting and texture mapping. The billboard appeared to be physically affixed to the surrounding environment, adding a level of interactivity to the scene.

Light Glow Fog Scene of a Train

This project showcased our studio’s ability to establish a captivating atmosphere utilizing 3D lighting and particle effects. We meticulously modeled a train scene, incorporating elements like fog, dynamic lighting, and lens flares. The fog, created through particle simulations, enveloped the train, adding a sense of mystery and depth to the scene. The dynamic lighting, influenced by the train’s movement, generated an immersive visual experience.

Viscous Liquid Animation

In this project, our studio demonstrated its proficiency in simulating the realistic behavior of viscous fluids. We modeled a flowing liquid material, such as syrup or honey, capturing its intricate movements and interactions with surrounding objects. The animation showcased the liquid’s viscosity, its ability to cling to surfaces, and its resistance to external forces. We effectively captured the essence of fluid dynamics in the digital realm.